Friday, February 15, 2008

ThoughtWorks University

Finally, everything went smoothly and I am in Bangalore. My first week at ThoughtWorks University ended today. It was an amazing week and everyday we had four cool sessions. The first week was mainly learning about ThoughtWorks and Agile 101. There were some amazing sessions on iterative development and evolutionary planning. We were told in details of what constitutes a team and my role as a developer. It helped me to understand who is else in my team is capable of doing what. I was fortunate to have Martin Fowler on the very first day of our training, talking to us and telling about his experiences. I also met upper management people.

More on the technical side, we had a session where we were told what variables are associated to a project. They were namely: scope, time and quality. With some interactive games I realized what is the relation between them. I am going to have my personal coach and I talked to him about my concern with designing. Hopefully, next week I will get my answers when we start looking into Java.

Also, some of us together managed to get an optional Ruby session which begins next Thursday. Really, looking forward to it. Well, I will keep you all posted when I find time.......



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