Monday, February 18, 2008

Test Driven Development and Pair Programming

Finally, we started today on introduction to development. It was a simple session but still at this time I cannot forget the learning from one and a half hour session. I have done some TDD but today it was combined with Pair Programming. It was an amazing experience. You get to learn so much and explain to other developer what you know and vice versa. Not only it helped me understand more about TDD but I got to learn more about Annotations and static import. How even few hours with right people can change the way and amount of things you learn. AMAZING!

But the best thing that happened today was Roy Singham, founder of ThoughtWorks, came to talk to us. Where in the world will you find a company where the founder, CEO, COO, Chief Scientist (Martin Fowler) come to talk to 18 people (new hire) at ThoughtWorks University. Focusing on Roy, words are less to describe him. The inspiration and motivation that I got from him was overwhelming. I asked questions from social imbalance, purpose of life, Karl Marx to future offices in the world and the answers were quite convincing. Talking to Roy further helped me consolidate on my perspective that "make a goal in life and dedicate you life for it." For me it is revolutionizing this world by making software and trying to create a society where the weakest has the strength and support to come up through the hardship and be a part of the society. Hopefully, I will walk the long road both in terms of technology and socially. Was it my destiny or my choice that led me to ThoughtWorks where I am living my passion.....


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