Monday, April 17, 2006

Persistence of Illusion

A sequence of reality frames (16 per second?) formed by momentary flashes of consciousness (or cognition by a mind) that work in apparent continuity with a time stream of “physical” existence – that is what “presents” is. Since these reality frames are a confluence points of a wave extending from past to the future accepted in the present by a counter wave traveling from future to past, therefore the “reality frames” are fictional rather than real. “Now” is therefore fictional situation of Real life, a page that turns only because of a chapter already and always in conceptualization by some cognitive mind.

This makes man (an observing mind) the real creator of the Universe. God, after saying “Let then be light” wasn’t required further it would seem.

The fact that “concept analog” reality does not hear too close scrutiny, and the fact that there will never be laboratory conditions in the fundamental Quantum physical world in an axiomatic (same) points to the view that the world we now see recognize and accept; the Universe we imagine as a projection in space time of this world reality even the Ultimate reality we are trying to define (with the Unified Field of Eternity Cycles) are all FIRST projection of our mind. We have rationalized our local space by cultivating our scientific outlook, we have yet to cope with a Universe that may have no rational nor a need for me. Our mind sees a reality only in relation to what can sustain life on this planet in an entirely objective sense (the brick and matter solidity is just as relative as our organism’s sense of strength and fragility is. There must be other world where life forms like fish think water is the only atmosphere there can be). The reality we accept has to maintain life as we know it (not what our mind by itself can “see” or “imagine”).

True “reality” can only be as “relative” as everything and if there is a reality that only a mind can understand (irrespective of the body or planet it inhabits). Such a reality can traumatize the mind of any specific life form. If the ant could think in cosmic terms, it would roll over and give importance to its life form (that has been the true thrust of Karma theory in Hinduism).

Our mind and this mind’s eye, is as much a creation of evolution as the rest of us and will only see what it can recognize as safe or as threatening, as good or as bad. Relatively and only relatively to itself as subjects.



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