Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Common Goal

The goal of humans, it seems, is that to work for a greater cause. That cause can be personal, social, religious, nationalistic or ethical. But it is one of them. The cause for the humanity is the cause which is missing. Everyone is working nowadays and fighting to achieve that greater goal. A personal cause leads to working for just himself. It seems to be the least destructive cause among all the others. The other causes has caused the world what we see today. Each one of us having conflicting ideas and different views about other religion, nation and races.

The world will continue to see much of the conflicts, terrorism, wars, persecution untill the humans have humanity at stake. We have lost the feeling that we had common ancestors. All our roots go back to Africa from where we migrated around 70,000 years ago. "Genetic Data show that a small group of modern humans left Africa for good 70,000 to 50,000 years" (National Geographic March 2006). We are from a place which is today one of the most backward areas in the world. We don't realize that we can only survive thinking ourselves as humans and not as different races depending upon religion or nation.

Our problems will not be solved untill there is an alien contact. They may be friends or foes, but then only we will realize and comprehend the term humanity. We will understand the importance of our planet Earth. The contact might gives us the motivation to glorify or defend the humanity. That might become our common goal and lead us to the road to proseperity, peace and "humanity."

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